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Bilkent University


Bilkent university

Bilkent University was established by Mr. Ihsan Dogramachi, through the cooperation between the Ihsan Dogramachi Foundation for Education, the Ihsan Dogramachi Foundation for Sciences and Research, and the Ihsan Dogramachi Health Foundation, with the aim of establishing a distinguished center of higher education and scientific research.


The name “Bilkent” expresses the founder’s aim because it represents an abbreviation of “bilim kenti” which means in Turkish “city of science and knowledge.” Bilkent University is one of the best Turkish universities. The university has currently about 13,000 students; most of them are international students who enroll in various majors in 9 faculties and vocational schools.

Why Bilkent university?

• It includes faculty members from about 40 different countries. Most of them worked at reputable universities in North America and Europe
• Because of good communication between the faculty members and students, enables students to discuss with professors and ask questions as a result of a reasonable number of students at the classrooms
• In order to enrich academic programs and research materials, Bilkent university has participated in collaborative projects and exchange programs with many international Universities in different countries such as Australia, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America
• The university has a career center that helps students gain the necessary skills to compete in the labor market after graduation
• The university has a computer center, which provides comprehensive computing services to meet all the university’s administrative, educational, and research requirements
• The university includes labs and scientific research laboratories equipped with the latest technologies and contains over 4000 computers
• The university has a graduate center, which aims to communicate with graduates in Turkey and abroad, to enhance their relations with the university

Scientific Research

Bilkent university is one of the top universities in science and technology. The university recorded the largest number of scientific researches and articles conducted by faculty members and researchers at the university.

Physical and Sports Center

Bilkent university students can participate in any of the University training programs that include a variety of activities and solo games and others that require teams. The center includes:
• Swimming pool
• Basketball, volleyball, and other soccer fields
• Martial Arts Studio
• Gym
• Table tennis court
• Squash courts
• Walking and running tracks

Bacherlor's Degree

DepartmentYears of StudyLanguageTuition Fees
Communications and Design4English14,500$
Fine Arts4English14,500$
Graphic Design4English14,500$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design4English14,500$
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture4English14,500$
International Relations4English14,500$
Political Science and Public Administration4English14,500$
Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education4English14,500$
Education Sciences and Teacher Education4English14,500$
Computer Engineering4English14,500$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English14,500$
Industrial Engineering4English14,500$
Mechanical Engineering4English14,500$
American Culture and Literature4English14,500$
English Language and Literature4English14,500$
Turkish Literature4English14,500$
Translation and Interpretation4English14,500$
Molecular Biology and Genetics4English14,500$
Performing Arts4English14,500$
Turkish Literature4Turkish14,500$

Master's Degree

DepartmentYears of StudyLanguageTuition Fees
Master of Archaeology2English14,500$
Master of Business Administration2English14,500$
Master of Executive Business Administration2English14,500$
Master of Conference Interpretation2English14,500$
Master of Financial Economics2English14,500$
Master of Economics, Policy and Security2English14,500$
Master of History2English14,500$
Master of Interior Architecture2English14,500$
Master of International Affairs & Public Policy2English14,500$
Master of Arts in International Relations2English14,500$
Master of Law2English14,500$
Master of Private Law2English14,500$
Master of Media & Design2English14,500$
Master of Arts in Media & Visual Studies2English14,500$
Master of Arts in Music2English14,500$
Master of Arts in Philosophy2English14,500$
Master of Arts in Political Sciences2English14,500$
Master of Arts in Psychology2English14,500$
Master of Arts in Turkish Literature2English14,500$
Master of Curriculum and Instructions2English14,500$
Master of Curriculum and Instructions2English14,500$
Master of Sciences in Computer Engineering2English14,500$
Master of Sciences in Electrical & Electronics Engineering2English14,500$
Master of sciences in Industrial Engineering2English14,500$
Master of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering2English14,500$
Master of Telecommunications and Networking2English14,500$
Master of Sciences in Materials Science & Nanotechnology2English14,500$
Master of Science in Molecular Biology & Genetics2English14,500$
Master of Science in Neuroscience2English14,500$
Master of Architecture2English14,500$
Master of Science in Physics2English14,500$
Master of Science in Mathematics2English14,500$
Master of Science in Chemistry2English14,500$
Master of Economics2Turkish14,500$
Master of Arts in Turkish Literature2Turkish14,500$
Master of Private Law2Turkish14,500$


DepartmentYears of StudyLanguageTuition Fees
PhD in Business Administration4English14,500$
PhD in Economics4English14,500$
PhD in History4English14,500$
PhD in Interior Architecture & Environmental Design4English14,500$
PhD in International Relations4English14,500$
PhD in Music4English14,500$
PhD in Political Science4English14,500$
PhD in Psychology4English14,500$
PhD in Turkish Language & Literature4English14,500$
PhD in Technology4English14,500$
PhD in Curriculum & Instruction4English14,500$
PhD in Computer Engineering4English14,500$
PhD in Electrical & Electronics Engineering4English14,500$
PhD in Industrial Engineering4English14,500$
PhD in Mechanical Engineering4English14,500$
PhD in Materials Science and Nano Engineering4English14,500$
PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering4English14,500$
PhD in Neuroscience4English14,500$
PhD in Physical Education & Sports Education4English14,500$
PhD in Mathematics4English14,500$
PhD in Physics4English14,500$
PhD in Public Law4English14,500$
PhD in Private Law4Turkish14,500$