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Top Universities in Turkiye

Altinbas University

Istanbul European side

Beykoz University

Istanbul Asian side

Isik University

Istanbul Asian side

Uskudar University

Istanbul Asian side

Bahcesehir University Batumi

Batumi, Georgia

Istanbul Gelisim University

Istanbul European Side

Istanbul Atlas University

Istanbul European side

Istanbul Okan University

Istanbul Asian side

How the importance of studying in Turkey has increased recently?

If you want to study in Turkey, you have three ways to enroll in Turkish universities. Through the Turkish scholarship,
registration in public universities or registration in private universities.

Turkish Scholarship

The Turkish government provides Turkish scholarship to students from all over the world. Turkish scholarship is considered one of the most famous scholarship programs in the world because it includes almost all majors with different timescales. The Turkish government provides at least 4,000 grants per year, leading to a high acceptance rate for applicants. Turkish universities are considered among the best universities for a high ranking. Turkey has several universities ranked among the top 100 universities around the world.


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High Quality Universities

Turkish Universities provide standard and quality education, competing with international universities around the world, providing extraordinary facilities.


Study in Turkey

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