Pinar Education

Istanbul Gelisim University

İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi: İGU

Location :

Istanbul European side


Cihangir, J. Kom. Er Hakan Öner Sk. No:1, 34310 Avcılar/İstanbul


Istanbul Gelisim University

Istanbul European side

Istanbul Gelisim University

Istanbul Gelişim University established by the Foundation of Education, Health and Social Services. The University is located on the European side of Istanbul near Ataturk airport. In addition, it is one of the most preferable University among the international students, and one of the top Universities in Turkey.


Istanbul Gelişim University includes over 30 thousand domestic and international students, who enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. The University offers around 57 undergraduate programs in 3 faculties, and 3 postgraduate institutes, 4 of schools with 2 years program, in addition to 27 master’s programs and 6 Ph.D. programs.


To become one of the global Universities that contributes to the world development.


• Respect the values of scientific research
• Contribution to social, cultural and economic development
• Implementation of the academic and research approaches

Why Istanbul Gelişim University?

• The University cooperates with over 100 international Universities and they agree on sharing experiences and exchanging the academicians and experts to reach the highest standards of education, training as well.
• English Language is the official language in the University
• It offers many of the internship opportunities in different sectors to encourage the students to gain practical experience.
• It also provides opportunities that can enable students to find new ways of education, through laboratories that transform the theoretical knowledge to the practical learning.

Laboratories and Workshops

Over 117 laboratory and workshop for undergraduate and postgraduate students for example:


• Advertising workshop
• Drawing workshop
• Child Development Drama workshop
• Aircraft Composite Workshop
• Aircraft Systems Workshop
• Aircraft Engine Workshop
• Aircraft Electronics / Avionics Workshop


• Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Laboratory
• Mechatronics Laboratory
• Computer Laboratory
• Anatomy Laboratory
• Business Sciences Laboratories
• Civil Engineering Laboratory
• Oral and dental health Laboratory
• Technologies Laboratory

Career Development Center

The role of the Career Development Center is to support students to have opportunities that can enable them to discover themselves and to make them care for continuous self-development through trainings and then building a career.

Sports and Facilities

Sports activities: Including basketball, volleyball and there are tennis courts. The University also concentrates on fitness, so it organizes fitness programs for the students.

The University also includes a huge library with books as well as all kinds of sources like researches and publications.

Meeting Rooms and conferences: There are 5 of meeting rooms and separate conferences halls that can include a thousand person.

Student Activities: The University has around 78 student clubs to encourage them participating into the social, cultural, sports and scientific activities.

Why should you apply through Pinar Education?

• It supports students to obtain a Turkish visa
• It gives students a Turkish sim card and a transportation card for free
• It helps students to obtain an accommodation in Turkey.
• It provides certification equivalence
• It assigns an employee who will accompany the student and assist him during the university’s registration process
• It helps students in obtaining residency permission
• It provides health insurance for student’s treatment in public hospitals
• It gives free educational consultations to the students during their studies in Turkey

Bachelor's Degree

DepartmentYearsLanguageTuition FeesAfter Discount
Aeronautical Engineering4English7,500$5,250$
Civil Engineering4English7,500$4,000$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design4English7,500$4,000$
Logistics Management4English7,500$3,750$
International Trade and Finance4English7,500$4,000$
Economics and Finance4English7,500$4,000$
Aviation Management4English7,500$4,000$
Translation & Interpretation4English7,500$4,000$
English language and literature4English7,500$4,000$
Political science and International Relations4English7,500$4,000$
Child development4English7,500$3,750$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4English7,500$4,000$
Nutrition and Dietetics4English7,500$4,000$
Business Administration4English7,500$4,000$
Economics and Finance4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Public Relations and Publicity4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Aeronautical Engineering4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Computer Engineering4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Aviation Management4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Business Administration4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Radio, Cinema and TV4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Political Sciences and Public Administration4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Political Sciences and International Relations4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Industrial Engineering4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Mechatronics Engineering4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Civil Engineering4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Tourism Guidance4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Turkish Language and Literature4Turkish7,000$3,500$
International Trade and Business4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Logistics Management4Turkish7,000$3,500$
International Trade and Finance4Turkish7,000$3,500$
New Media and Communication4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Management Information Systems4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Graphic Design4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Interior Architecture4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Communication Design4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Child development4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Public Relations & Advertising4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Banking & Insurance4Turkish7,000$3,500$
TV Reporting & Programing4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Speech & Language Therapy4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Aircraft maintenance and repair4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Occupational Therapy4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Social Work4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Healthcare Management4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Preparatory year for language studyOne yearTurkish7,000$3,500$
Preparatory year for language studyOne yearEnglish7,500$3,750$

Master's Degree

DepartmentYearsLanguageTuition FeesAfter Discount
Master of Business Administration1.5English6,000$3,000$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)1.5English6,000$3,000$
Master of Economy & Finance1.5English6,000$3,000$
Master of Aviation Management1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Electrical & Electronics Engineering1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Nutrition & Dietetics1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Child Development1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Architecture1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Occupational Health & Safety1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Healthcare Management1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Public Relations and Publicity1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Sociology1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Nutrition & Dietetics1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Business Administration1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Political Sciences & Public Administration1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of International Logistics & Transportation1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Economy & Finance1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Exercise & Training Sciences1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Engineering Management1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Gastronomy1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Visual Communication Design1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Sports Management1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Psychological Fields of Sports1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of International Trade & Logistics1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Tour Guide Training1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Aircraft Engineering1.5Turkish6,000$3,000$
Master of Economy & Finance2English7,000$4,000$
Master of Business Administration2English7,000$4,500$
Master of Political Sciences & Public Administration2English7,000$4,000$
Master of Electrical & Electronics Engineering2English7,000$4,000$
Master of Child Development2Turkish7,000$3,000$
Master of Master of Architecture2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of New Media, Communication and Journalism2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of International Trade & Logistics2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Security Studies2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Exercise & Training Sciences2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Political Science and International Relations2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Audiology2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Electrical & Electronics Engineering2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Gastronomy2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Visual Communication Design2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Engineering Management2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Sociology2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Political Science and Public Administration2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Occupational Health & Safety2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Sports Management2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Psychological Fields of Sports2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Healthcare Management2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Economy & Finance2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Business Administration2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Aviation Management2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Aircraft Engineering2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Civil Engineering2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Mechatronics Engineering2Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Addiction Psychology4Turkish7,000$3,500$
Master of Psychology1.5Turkish9,000$4,500$
Master of Psychology2Turkish12,000$6,000$
Master of Clinical Psychology1.5Turkish12,000$7,500$
Master of Clinical Psychology2Turkish15,000$10,000$


DepartmentYearsLanguageTuition FeesAfter Discount
Civil Aviation Transportation Management2English5,500$2,750$
Civil Aviation Cabin Services2English5,500$2,750$
Applied English and Translation2English – Turkish5,500$2,750$
Electronic Technology2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Information Security Technology2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Pathology Laboratory Techniques2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Autopsy Assistant2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotic2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Oral and Dental Health2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Operation Room Services2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Medical Laboratory Techniques2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Medical Imaging Techniques2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Medical Documentation and Secretarial2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Health Institutions Management2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Hair Care and Beauty Services2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Food Quality Control and Analysis2Turkish5,500$2,750$
First Aid and Emergency2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Child Development2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Biomedical Device Technology2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Tourist Guidance2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Sports Management2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Radio and TV Programming2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Public Relations and Advertising2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Occupational Health and Safety2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Maritime and Port Management2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Interior Design2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Human Resources Management2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Graphic Design2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Foreign Trade2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Food Technology2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Flight Operations Management2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Fashion Design2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Construction Technology2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Computer Aided Design and Animation2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Computer Technologies2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Computer Programming2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Civil Aviation Transportation Management2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Civil Aviation Cabin Services2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Banking and Insurance2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Automotive Technology2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Applied English and Translation2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Aircraft Technology2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Air Logistics2Turkish5,500$2,750$
Dental Pros Technology2Turkish5,500$2,750$


ProgramsDuration of studyLanguageFees before discountFees after discount
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering4Turkish16,000$8,000$
Ph.D. in Business Administration4Turkish16,000$8,000$
Ph.D. in Economics & Finance4Turkish16,000$8,000$
Ph.D. in Exercise and Training Sciences4Turkish16,000$8,000$
Ph.D. in Gastronomy4Turkish16,000$8,000$