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Istanbul European side


Yıldız Mh., Çırağan Caddesi, Osmanpaşa Mektebi Sokak 4-6, Beşiktaş/İstanbul



Bahcesehir University

Istanbul European side

Bahcesehir University – Istanbul


Bahçeşehir University Istanbul is one of the best Turkish universities . It is one of the most important branches of the International Bahçeşehir Universities Foundation, which has several branches in central locations in the following countries: Washington and Silicon Valley in the United States of America, Berlin in Germany, Toronto in Canada, Georgia, China, Italy and Northern Cyprus. It also includes a large number of international students from different parts of the world. For its vision of becoming a research university of international standing.

Bahçeşehir University was established in 1998 with the slogan (The University of the World in the Heart of Istanbul and the Crossroads of the Two Continents). The university is distinguished by having professor and student exchange programs with many universities around the world, including: New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Yokogawa University, Technical University of Berlin and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The university also received the United Nations Award for Higher Education in recognition of its efforts in the field of higher education and its cooperation with the labor market and the graduation of students with professional experience and competence, as Bahçeşehir University is one of the first Turkish universities to implement the cooperation project between the university and the labor market, which provides the student with an opportunity to live a life experience A real process during the university years. This project, which was launched from the concept of “my university campus is my workplace” is based on cooperation agreements with about 800 factories inside and outside Turkey and gives students the possibility of training and obtaining practical experience in many fields.

The university uses the English or Turkish languages ​​in teaching various disciplines, and provides a preparatory year for language study. On the other hand, students of Istanbul Bahçeşehir University can study summer study programs at any branch of the Bahçeşehir University Group.

Bahçeşehir University in numbers

  • The university has 10 colleges, 2 vocational schools and 12 postgraduate institutes
  • The university has 6 campuses in Istanbul
  • The university hosts more than 18,000 students at the undergraduate level, and about 6,500 students at the postgraduate level
  • The number of international students at the university is approximately 5,000 students
  • The university has more than 1250 academics and 601 administrative staff
  • The university has cooperation agreements with 193 universities from 36 different countries
  • There are more than 100 educational programs in the university
  • The university has a library covering an area of ​​11,400 square meters, which includes more than 250,000 books and magazines, as well as digital documents
  • There are 5 various cafes and restaurants on campus

The mission of Bahçeşehir University

The university’s mission is to continuously improve the quality of its teaching, research and development processes to add cultural and educational value to students. It also contributes to the development of innovative solutions to the problems facing society, as the university is keen on graduating innovators and pioneers who can carry out pioneering and innovative initiatives and actions that will work for the advancement of society.

Objectives of Bahçeşehir University

  • Carrying out research and development activities aimed at producing, protecting and disseminating information and studies that contribute to raising standards of living in society
  • Continuously improving the quality of education, research and development processes
  • Giving students the opportunity to shape their educational and life experiences
  • Provide assistance to graduate students through its Alumni Office, which provides training courses and seminars for graduates

Educational level

Bahçeşehir University Istanbul offers educational programs of the most powerful programs at both practical and theoretical levels, specially designed to meet the needs of companies, factories and different sectors of the labor market. It also prepares a strong technical infrastructure to facilitate the educational process and raise the level of educational quality. The university includes specialized laboratories for medical and engineering specialties, various workshops for technical and administrative specializations, in addition to halls designated for meetings, conferences and celebrations, and cinema and theater halls.

Fun activities for students

Bahçeşehir University is famous for providing various sports, cultural and social entertainment, including well-equipped gyms, banquet and festival halls, and a large comprehensive library. In addition, it has sea boats that students can spend enjoyable cruises through, to explore the ancient city of Istanbul, and these trips are one of the most enjoyable activities for international students at Bahçeşehir University.

“My campus is the whole world”

Through the “My University Campus is the Whole World” project, the student at Bahçeşehir University has the opportunity to continue his studies in many universities that have a cooperation agreement with Bahçeşehir University in the United States and Europe, and the universities affiliated with the International Bahçeşehir Foundation.

Important Notes

  • For students wishing to enroll in the aviation major: the expenses for practical flight training amount to 54,000 euros, to be paid in installments over the years of study, 13,500 euros annually.
  • Students of health sciences and educational sciences programs receive an additional discount to study the preparatory year for the English language, where the tuition fees are $5.530 annually instead of $7900

Bachelor's Degree

DepartmentDuration (years)LanguageTuition Fees Before discountTuition Fees after discount
Nutrition and Dietetics4English7,900$5,530$
Psychological Counseling & Guidance4English7,900$5,530$
Computer Education & Instructional Technologies4English7,900$5,530$
Pre-School Education4English7,900$5,530$
Industrial Product Design4English12,000$7,900$
English Language Teaching4English7,900$5,530$
Educational Sciences4English7,900$5,530$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4English7,900$5,530$
Photography and Video4English7,900$5,530$
Digital Game Design4English7,900$7,900$
Communication design4English7,900$7,900$
Political Sciences and International Relations4English7,900$7,900$
Cartoon & Animation4English7,900$7,900$
Artificial Intelligence Engineering4English12,000$7,900$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English7,900$7,900$
Civil Engineering4English7,900$7,900$
Cinema and Television4English7,900$7,900$
New media4English7,900$7,900$
Public Relations4English7,900$7,900$
Molecular Biology and Genetics4English7,900$7,900$
Industrial Engineering4English7,900$7,900$
Computer Engineering4English7,900$7,900$
Biomedical Engineering4English12,000$7,900$
Energy Systems Engineering4English7,900$7,900$
Management Engineering4English7,900$7,900$
Mechatronics Engineering4English7,900$7,900$
Software Engineering4English7,900$7,900$
American Culture and Literature4English7,900$7,900$
European Union Relations4English7,900$7,900$
Economics and Finance4English7,900$7,900$
Business Administration4English7,900$7,900$
Logistics Management4English7,900$7,900$
International Finance4English7,900$7,900$
International Trade4English7,900$7,900$
Interior Architecture & Environmental Design4English7,900$7,900$
Flight Training4English7,900$7,900$
Social Work4English7,900$5,530$
Healthcare Management4English7,900$5,530$
Psychological Counseling & Guidance4Turkish7,900$7,900$
Pre-School Education4Turkish7,900$3,890$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4Turkish7,900$5,530$
Nutrition and Dietetics4Turkish7,900$5,530$
Speech and language therapy4Turkish7,900$5,530$
English Preparation Program1English7,900$7,900$
Turkish Preparation Program1Turkish4,400$4,400$

Master's Degree

Departmentwith/ without ThesisLanguageTuition FeesAfter Discount
Master of Architecturewith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Biomedical Engineeringwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Computer Engineeringwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Big Data Analytics and Managementwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Industrywith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of BusinessNon-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Cyber Securitywith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Energy Systems Operation and Technologieswith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Engineering Managementwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Industrial Engineeringwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Industrial Design and Innovation Managementwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Artificial Intelligencewith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Information Technologywith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Mechatronics Engineeringwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Financial Technologywith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Financial EconomicsNon-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Managementwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Cognitive NeuroPsychologywith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Business Administrationwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Executive Business AdministrationNon-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Executive Business Administration (Distance Learning)Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master Game Designwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Educational Design and Evaluationwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Early Childhood Educationwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Marketingwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Capital Markets and Financewith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Film and Televisionwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Strategic Design and ManagementNon-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Global Affairswith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Historywith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Educational TechnologyNon-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of English Language Educationwith/Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Risk Engineering & ManagementNon-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of English Language Education (Distance Learning)Non-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Higher Education Administration and Leadershipwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Talent and Gifted Educationwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Guidance and Counselingwith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Neurosciencewith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Clinical Psychologywith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Cyber Securitywith ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Technical TextileNon-ThesisEnglish12,000$9,000$
Master of Pharmaceutical Medicinewith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of ArchitectureNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Construction Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Energy and Environment Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Engineering ManagementNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Information Technologywith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Interior Designwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Sound Technologieswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Urban Systems & Transportation Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Business Administrationwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Advanced Actingwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Human Resourceswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Private Lawwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Public Lawwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Global Business and MarketingNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of International Relations and Global Politicswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Businesswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Business (Distance Education)Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Business Administration (Distance Learning)Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Accounting and International ReportingNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Advertising and Brand Management and Networkingwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Marketing Communications and Public Relationswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Capital Markets and Commercial Lawwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Sports Managementwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Strategic Marketing and Brand Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Global Politics and International Relations (Distance Education)Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Management Information SystemsNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Instructional TechnologiesNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Instructional Technologies (Distance Education)Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Education Administration and Planningwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Educational Design and Evaluationwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Early Childhood Educationwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Higher Education Administrationwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of School Education Technologywith/Non ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Talent and Gifted Educationwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Guidance and Counselingwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master Chiropracticwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Family Counselingwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Health Informaticswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Healthcare Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Nursingwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Nutrition and Dieteticswith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Neurosciencewith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Cognitive Neurosciencewith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitationwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Social WorkNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Tourism & Hospitality ManagementWith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Sports Managementwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of PhilosophyWith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Industry Digital Transformationwith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Accounting & International ReportingNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Advertising & Brand Communication Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Tissue Engineering & Regenerativewith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Information Lawwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Actuarial ScienceNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Applied Mathematicswith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Supply Chain and Logistic Managementwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Textile Engineeringwith ThesisTurkish12,000$12,000$
Master of Clinical Psychologywith ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Educational TechnologyNon-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Communication Designwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Marketingwith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$
Master of Banking and Financewith/Non-ThesisTurkish12,000$9,000$

Accociate Program

ProgramsDuration of studyLanguageTuition Fees per year
Child Development2English3,000$
Dental Pros Technology2Turkish3,000$
Oral and Dental Health2Turkish3,000$
Operation Room Services2Turkish3,000$
Child Development2Turkish3,000$
Medical Imaging Techniques2Turkish3,000$
Medical Laboratory Techniques2Turkish3,000$
Medical Documentation and Secretarial2Turkish3,000$
First Aid and Emergency2Turkish3,000$


ProgramsDuration of studyLanguageTuition FeesAfter Discount
Ph.D. Business Administration4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Finance & Economics4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. In Architecture & Design4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Cinema & Media Research4English40,000$40,000$
PhD. in Political Sciences & International Relations4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Neuroscience4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. of Industrial Engineering4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. Of History, Theory & Criticism in Design4English40,000$40,000$
PhD. in English Language Education4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Nursing4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Educational Technology4English40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Nursing4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Public Law4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Private Law4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Advertising & Public Relations4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Engineering Management4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Mathematics4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. In Educational Technology4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. In Guidance & Psychological Counseling4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation4Turkish40,000$40,000$
Ph.D. in Business Engineering4Turkish40,000$40,000$

Student's Accomodation

Private accommodationSingle, double and triple for the housing systemServices provided
Rent450$ -560$ – 700 $500 $ – 1000 $
Gas, electricity and water billsIncluded in the price of accommodation50 $ – 150 $
InternetIncluded in the price of accommodation10$ – 30$
Meals150$ – 300 $150$ – 300$
Mobile phone10$ – 30$10$ – 30$
Transportation10$ – 30$10$ – 30$
Activities15$ – 30$15$ – 30$
Health insurance150$ – 200$ Annualy150$ – 200$ Annualy
Total Expenses per month for student650$ – 1150$600$ – 800$