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Kadir Has University

Kadir Has Üniversitesi

Location :

Istanbul European sidex-


Cibali Mahallesi, Kadir Has Cd., 34083 Fatih/İstanbul



Kadir Has University

Istanbul European side

Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University is located on the European side of Istanbul, and it was established in 1997 by Mr. Kadir Has who dedicated his life to education. Kadir Has University has a fascinating reputation as one of the top 100 Universities in Turkey, and one of the top 3000 Universities in the world.


Kadir Has campus combines ancient and modern designs. By this campus, Kadir Has University has reached a high level of education, because it provides a variety of academic, research, practical and cultural facilities for the students. Equipped labs, classrooms, a career center, and a central library; in addition to different types of sports and student clubs.

The campus also includes 7 faculties as follow: Natural Sciences and Engineering, Law, Economics and Management, Art and Design, Social Sciences, Applied Arts, and Communication.


Over 20 years ago, Mr. Kadir Has established this University with the aim of contributing to educational development in Turkey. Kadir Has University could sustain Mr. Kadir Has’s philosophy and his dedication to education, and that happens by encouraging students to conduct research and find innovative solutions to face social and economic challenges.

Why does Kadir have University?

• Kadir Has University encourages students, academic professionals, and admin. staff to express their opinions with the aim of creating a positive environment for intellectual discussion.
• The University keens to have only a reasonable number of students in the classrooms.
• It has a high quality of education academically & practically with reasonable tuition fees.
• It assigns the best faculty members and experts who have international experiences; to educate students by using innovative methods and the latest technologies.

Career Office

Besides its well-designed academic programs, Kadir Has University strives to provide free career consultations and providing internships as well as job opportunities at multinational companies, banks, hospitals, and other institutions for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It also offers several CV samples and assists them with how can write a professional letter of interest.

Health Services

Kadir Has University is equipped with medical centers as well as psychological consultation centers that are open to the students and the University staff to provide medical consultations in emergency situations.

Student Clubs

Kadir Has University supports students to be a part of the student clubs to improve their skills and mentality. Student clubs participate in discussion panels, conferences, sports competitions, and events, they also interact with different forms of communication either digital or through events like concerts and theaters.

For example, but not limited to:

 Arts & Culture Club
 European Union Club
 Volunteers Club
 Advertising Club
 Human Rights and Democracy Club
 Cinema Club
 Environmental Club

Bachelor's Degree

DepartmentYears of StudyLanguageFees before discountFees after discount
Industrial Product Design4English12,000$5,400$
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design4English12,000$5,400$
Public Relations and Information4English12,000$5,400$
New Media4English12,000$5,400$
Radio, Cinema, and Television4English12,000$5,400$
Political sciences and Public Administration4English12,000$5,400$
International Relations4English12,000$5,400$
Visual Communication Design4English12,000$5,400$
Genetics and Molecular Biology4English12,000$5,400$
Computer Engineering4English12,000$5,400$
Mechatronics Engineering4English12,000$5,400$
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English12,000$5,400$
Industrial engineering4English12,000$5,400$
Business Administration4English12,000$5,400$
International Trade and Finance4English12,000$5,400$
Management Information Systems4English12,000$5,400$
International Trade and Logistics4English12,000$7,125$

Master's Degree

ProgramsThesis/Non-ThesisLanguageTuition FeesAfter Discount
Master of Computer EngineeringThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Electronics EngineeringThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Industrial EngineeringThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Industrial EngineeringNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master in Financial EngineeringNon-ThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master in Financial EngineeringThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Computational Biology and BioinformaticsThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Architectural and Urban StudiesThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Management Information SystemsThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Year)
Master in Management Information SystemsNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of DesignThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Preservation of Cultural HeritageThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Preservation of Cultural HeritageThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Cyber SecurityThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Cyber SecurityNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master Communication StudiesNon-ThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of Preservation of Cultural HeritageNon-ThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master in Film & DramaNon-ThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master in Film & DramaThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Communication StudiesThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Corporate Communications and Public Relations ManagementThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Private LawNon-ThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master in Public LawNon-ThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master in Corporate Communications and Public Relations ManagementNon-ThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master in Public LawThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Private LawThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in International RelationsThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in New MediaThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of EconomicsThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master in Cinema & TVThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Cinema & TVNon-ThesisTurkish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of DesignNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of PsychologyThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Business AdministrationThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of Finance and BankingThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per year)
Master of EconomicsNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of User Experience DesignNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of Business Intelligence AnalyticsNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of Business Intelligence AnalyticsThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Year)
Master of Political Sciences & Public AdministrationThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Year)
Master of Business AdministrationNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of PsychologyNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of New MediaNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of Finance & BankingNon-ThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Program)
Master of Finance & BankingThesisEnglish12.000$9,000$ (Per Year)


ProgramsYears of StudyLanguageFees before discountFees after discount
Ph.D. in Computational Applied Science and Engineering4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Computer Engineering4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Management Information Systems4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Genetics4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Business Administration4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Banking and Finance4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in International Relations4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Economics4English22,000$16,500$
Ph.D. in Private Law4Turkish22,000$16,500$

Student's Accomodation

Single Room (Male Students)$5,2005,20$
Double Room$3,8003,80$
Triple Room$3,3503,35$
Single Room (Female Students)$4,8004,80$
Double Room$3,6003,60$