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Near East University

Near East University

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Northern Turkish Cyprus


Meşrutiyet Mahallesi, Near East Boulevard, 99138 Nicosia/Şişli/Mersin


Near East University

Northern Turkish Cyprus

Near East University


Near East University established in 1984 in northern Cyprus, as an international higher education institution and it became one of the top Turkish universities.

There are over 26000 of students study in Near East University; thousands of them are international students from different countries who study various majors in 20 faculties, 218 postgraduate programs besides the vocational institutes. Near East University has widely developed among other Universities; consequently, it became one of the highest educational institutions and cultural centers in Cyprus.


To become a high educational institution that is in line with the public rules and the Turkish educational principles, while it follows the international values in the academic and scientific research.


To raise the quality of education by organizing international scientific events, to provide more research opportunities and publish their final research results on a large scale.

Why Near East University?

• English is the official language for the academic programs at the University
• The University focuses on improving the quality of education, so it continuously develops the programs curriculum
• It is a member in many of the international unions; it is a member in the European University Association (EUA) that represents over 800 institutions, International Association of Universities (IAU) within the body of UNESCO, International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP), Joint Commission International (JCI), and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW)
• The University also provides cultural activities, it has one of the largest libraries in the island, and the University includes theaters, GYM, Sports centers, Olympic swimming pool, and other facilities in addition to the educational centers
• It not only focuses on the academic programs but also motivate students to participate in the student activities, to help them improve their skills and wide their networks
• It includes 28 research center and a University hospital that considers as one of the most developed health centers in Cyprus

Please note that

Tuition fees for master’s programs are not determined by the University for each Program, however, the fees calculated based on the number of subjects taken each year in the master’s program. The fees calculated according to the fees of each subject, and if the subject’s fees are 350 Euros and the student has 5 subjects in a semester, the tuition fees for the whole semester will calculated as follow 350 multiply 5.

Bacherlor's Degree

DepartmentDuration (y)LanguageTuition Fees Discount Price
Turkish Language & Literature4Turkish5,600€2,800€
Teaching Turkish4English5,600€2,800€
Computer Learning & Information Technology4English5,600€2,800€
Mathematics Teaching for Primary school4English5,600€2,800€
Mathematics Teaching for Middle School4English5,600€2,800€
English Teaching4English5,600€2,800€
Banking & Finance4English5,600€2,800€
Business Administration4English5,600€2,800€
Administrative Information Technology4English5,600€2,800€
European Union Relationships4English5,600€2,800€
 Human Resources4English5,600€2,800€
Veterinary Medicine4English5,600€4,300€
Veterinary Medicine4Turkish5,600€4,300€
Pre-School Education4English5,600€2,800€
Psychological Counseling and Psychological guidance4English5,600€2,800€
Teaching Subjects4English5,600€2,800€
Teaching History4English5,600€2,800€
Teaching Geography4English5,600€2,800€
Teaching Sciences4English5,600€2,800€
Social Sciences4English5,600€2,800€
International Relations4English5,600€2,800€
Public Relations4English5,600€2,800€
International Business Administration4English5,600€2,800€
Public Administration4English5,600€2,800€
 Political Sciences4English5,600€2,800€
Teaching Special Needs4English5,600€2,800€
Teaching the educational Sciences to the Talented4English5,600€2,800€
Teaching Arts4English5,600€2,800€
Music Education4English5,600€2,800€
Adult Education4English5,600€2,800€
Designing Technology4English5,600€2,800€
English Language & its Literature4English5,600€2,800€
Molecular Science and Genetics4English5,600€2,800€
Translation and Interpretation4English5,600€2,800€
Public Relations and Media4English5,600€2,800€
Visual Communication Design4Turkish5,600€2,800€
Film Industry4English5,600€2,800€
Radio and Television Technology4English5,600€2,800€
Film and Radio Industry4English5,600€2,800€
Business Administration – Distance4English5,600€2,800€
Marketing Management – Distance4English5,600€2,800€
International Relations – Distance4English2,800€2,800€
Finance & Banking – Distance4English5,600€2,800€
Economic – Distance4English5,600€2,800€
Teaching Sports Sciences4English5,600€2,800€
 Teaching Sports Sciences4Turkish5,600€2,800€
Mechatronics Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
Computer Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
  Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
Civil Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
 Mechanical Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
Engineering of Medical Equipment4English5,600€2,800€
  Information Systems Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
Food Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
Car Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
Software Engineering4Turkish5,600€2,800€
Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering4English5,600€2,800€
Engineering of Materials Science and Nano4English5,600€2,800€
Graphic Design4English5,600€2,800€
Fine Arts4English5,600€2,800€
Child Development4English5,600€2,800€
Emergency and Disaster Management4English5,600€2,800€
Management of Health Institutions4English5,600€2,800€
Food Science4English5,600€2,800€
Occupational Health and Safety4English5,600€2,800€
Occupational Therapy4English5,600€2,800€
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation4English5,600€2,800€
Treatment for People with Special Needs4English5,600€2,800€
Interior Design4English5,600€2,800€
Design of Natural Plants4Turkish5,600€2,800€
Environmental Engineering4Turkish5,600€2,800€
Tourism and Hotels Management4Turkish5,600€2,800€
Tourism and Hotels Management4English5,600€2,800€
Preparatory School of English Language4English2,800€2,800€
Preparatory School of Turkish Language4Turkish2,800€2,800€